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Asalaamu Aalaikum. I hope you are well.

I would like you to clarify your position regarding Mufti Ismail Menk and accusations brought forth and made public and reply on Sunniforum

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Asked on September 3, 2013 6:56 pm
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Few years ago i.e. 5/6/7th of July 2008 - there was a Southern Africa Ulema forum conference held in Lusaka-Zambia which I attended.
We were tasked to draw up a constitution.
I proposed two leading fundamental clauses as preamble which have to be entrenched and cannot ever be removed. The clauses being that every member:-(1) must adhere and confirm to i.e. Make Taqleed Shashi of either one of the 4 illustrious Imaams of Fiqh and
2) Every member must adhere to the belief structure as expounded by Imaam Abdul Hassan Azhari (A.R.) or Imaam Abu Mansoor Maturidi (A.R.). In this working committee there were members from various countries, only and only one member vehemently viciously objected to both these clauses. That person was none other than 'Mufti' Ismail Menk. Result. Up to date there is no official accepted approved constitution of the SAUF.
Now go to any fanatical extremist Salafi site on the net and you will be horrified to read their onslaught on the 4 Mazhabs and the abuse of especially of Imaam Abu Hanifa (A.R.) and moreover their baseless vilification and lambasting of the above two honorable Imaams of Ilm Kalaam.

The above is adequate and sufficient for anyone of Imaan and intelligence. Historically viewing, deviation comes in sugar coated forms.

A Muslim who does not adhere to anyone of the 4 Imaams of Fiqh does not belong to the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat. A Muslim who speaks ill and lambasts any two Imaams of Ilm Kalaam also does not belong to the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat.
I am dumbfounded as to why so called Muslim Radio Stations and Masaajids allow such speakers. However, it is not strange that T.V. stations telecast such speakers. Nevertheless, the rule is Baatil (falsehood) attracts and promoted Baatil (falsehood). May Allaah guide us all.

1) Yes amongst us.

2) As (1)


1)Perform Salaat bareheaded due to stubbornness.

2)Stand with feet widely without any Shaari valid proof

3)Say loudly Ameen after Suratul Fathiha without following any Imaams proof

4)Do Rafa Yadaain without following the proof of any Imaam

5)Place their hands high on their chests without any proof

6)Always scratching in Salaat, here, there and everywhere.

7)Looking here and there whilst in Salaat.

8)Doing some funny finger movement in Jalsa position

9)After Ruku folding their hands on the chest not one Hadith states this.

10)Regarding Duaa after Fardh Salaat as Bidaat.


Outside Salaat

When you discuss with them then their arguments rotate around 6 points.

1) They will say give us proof from Hadith.

2) Then will state, in which Hadith this act is prevented?

3) If Hadith presented they then say we only accept Hadith from Bukhari, Muslim or reluctantly the Sahih Sittah

4) Then will ask, show us that very specific word which we are searching for in the Hadith or show us the word abrogated in the Hadith.

5) If a Hadith as per this requirements is brought then they cry out aloud, it is Dhaeef/Dhaeef

6) Then they attack by pointing out Your Salaat etc. is not valid
(adapted from Moulama Muhammed Ameen Okarvi (A.R.))


The Salafi women traits:

1)They stand in Salaat like men

2)They perform Ruku in Salaat like men

3)They perform Sijda in Salaat like men

4)They sit in Jalsa in Salaat like men

5)They want to perform Salaat in Jamaat in Masjid like men

6)They rush off to perform Salaatul Taraweeh in Jamaat like men

7)They insist to go to perform Salaat Eid in Jamaat

8)They shake hands like men

9)They want to live in sin after being divorced thrice

10)They love to visit grave yards

We make Duaa Allaah allows us to tread the path of the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat.


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Answered on September 3, 2013 6:56 pm