Moving into a new house;yaseen khatam

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Assalamu Alaykum
. I have 2 questions.

1) What should be done when moving into a new home.
I have read Surah Baqarah but some people are asking me to have a Khatam in the house for barakah.Is this recommended? Is it biddat? Is it a sin if it is done?

2)What is the significance of 41 Yaaseens? Is this a Yaaseen Khatam?

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Asked on October 26, 2008 12:00 am
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1) Shariaat has presented nothing
. However on moving try to perform Salaat in all rooms.

2) Commonly known as such not as Shariaat.

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Answered on October 26, 2008 12:00 am