Move back with inlaws who are in difficulty

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As salaamu alaikum Mufti

My husband and I previously lived with his parents and had encountered a few minor issues that had caused us to move out. My inlaws are now going through a financial constraint and have asked us to please move back.
In my heart deep down I know that I will be rewarded for the action of moving back, but I fear regret of this decision. They have been an interference and caused issues, they gossip about my husband and I to the other son and wife, I feel sorry for them, they are like my parents and I want to help them.
I need your advice, Islamically, should I go back?

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Asked on March 17, 2014 7:31 pm
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Help them to the maximum in every aspect from afar.

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Answered on March 17, 2014 7:31 pm