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Assallamuallaikum Mufti Saab

I met with an accident about 7 years ago, due to no fault of mine. I am and was uninsured. The counter party was insured, whose insurance sued me. I lodged a counterclaim, as there was a witness at the scene who verified that i was not at fault.

I repaired my car, at a cost of R 30000. I was summoned to court and the witness also attended. The counter parties lawyers, upon talking to the witness, agreed on an of court settlement and I received a net of R 20000 (after lawyers fees etc)

Simultaneously my attorney lodged a claim with the road accident fund(RAF). I am well, and stated so to the attorney, although there was whiplash experienced at the time. I cannot put a value to the pain I felt.

The RAF has agreed to an out of court settlement of R 50000, of which my attorneys fees is 25% (contingency fee.)

Can I use the money received from the RAF, and up to what amount.

If I cannot, why not.

What do I do with the money, or who can I give it to (for what purpose can it be used by the person I give it to etc)

Jazakallah for your assistance

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Asked on April 8, 2009 12:00 am
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Use money for your current and future medical treatments.

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Answered on April 8, 2009 12:00 am