Mixing of pure and impure

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Salam Mufti Sahab

I am constantly in doubt over being pure or impure. Because of this I am not able to do ibadah as I feel im impure and my prayers will not be accepted.

1. Please let me know if an impure utensil is washed with an impure sponge and placed on top of pure utensils will the pure utensils become impure.

2. If i’m in a doubt that something is pure or impure and cant remember whether it was made pure what to do about it

3.if someone sat on wet carpet with impure underwear will the carpet become impure. If the carpet is given for washing in laundry will it become pure.

4. The table or mat where an alcohol glass or botlle was kept does it become impure. The vapour outside the cold alcohol glass which wets the mat does the mat become impure

5. Washing dishes in dish washers makes it pure?

6. If I wash impurity’s like urine or alcohol in a sink does the sink become impure? Can I use the sink to wash pure items and if water splashes from it will it be impure.

7. I was away from home and people who were living there drank alcohol. I am certain that they used the sponge to wash impure utensils and made the sponge impure. How can I be certain that the entire house is pure and no najis was dropped on carpets or tables or whether an impure cloth was used to do cleaning.

please help.

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Asked on June 11, 2014 5:31 pm
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1) What do you mean by 'impure' sponge? If you are certain that the sponge is impure then it will spread to the other utensils if it is wet.

2) If in doubt; simply regard it as pure.

3) If the impurity is wet then it will make the carpet impure. Washing it in the laundry will purify it.

4) No.

5) Yes.

6) Wash the sink.

7) In this case, wash whatever you feel doubtful about.

Do not allow alcohol into your home.

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Answered on June 11, 2014 5:31 pm