“Misyar” marriage

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Assalaamu Alaikum

I am querying about a practice that I have only recently heard of called “misyar” marriage. I have found out that my father has engaged in this practice even though he is happily married to my mother. From what I have read, it is a valid marriage (nikah) contract that takes place but the wife waives her right to be maintained by the husband and to live with him, as well as waiving other usual marital rights.

I have read that this is different to Mut’a which was specifically frowned upon by Rasoolullah (SAW). Hence it is seen as acceptable. However, it seems that this “misyar” marriage is not in Quran & sunnah.

Is it an innovation? Can it be condoned or are people who engage in it fooling themselves?

My mother does not know of this happening and I think it would destroy her if she found out.

Islamically, what is the viewpoint that should be taken? Do we tolerate it or do I confront my father? He does not know that I know.


I eagerly await your reply

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Asked on May 1, 2014 3:05 pm
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'Misyar' and 'Muta' are both Haraam. Both try and legalize prostitution. He must be confronted. Ask him to show you the 'contract'. Forward us a copy. From there we will assess further.

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Answered on May 1, 2014 3:05 pm