Miracles of the Quraan and Prophet Muhammad (saw)

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I have a question regarding the miracles of the Quraan and Prophet Muhammad (saw). It is generally stated by scholars that the miracle of a prophet was relevant to the society at the time. The miracle would confirm the prophet’s truthfulness by virtue of its overwhelming superiority over the pinnacle of the people’s own achievements. Thus we see that Prophet Musa’s (as) miracles challenged the top magicians of his time, Prophet Isa’s (as) miracles challenged the top physicians of his time, and Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) main miracle (the Qur’an) challenged the Arabs’ claim of mastery over their language. However, the previous prophets were designated for a specific people or a specific time while Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) prophethood was designated for all peoples and all times to come. Thus, one would think that Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) miracles should bear relevance to today’s society and should challenge the heights of accomplishment of today’s society. This is especially significant since the majority of the people today are not Arabs and cannot realize the miraculous nature of the Arabic of the Qur’an. Since my knowledge of the Qur’an is not much more than reading the translation (I use the one that you worked on), I am hoping you can answer this question of the miracles of the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (saw) as can be seen and understood in the context of this day and age. I know this is a detailed subject but I am hoping you can give me some answers or at least refer me to some books to read?

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Asked on April 28, 2008 12:00 am
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Your question is interesting, I wish I had the time to write a lot for you. However, take some points.

1.) Quraan is a miracle, for all times. Other miracles can be spoken of but no more seen contrary to Quraan

2.) The challenge of produce of chapter, verse, ayaat still stands.

3.) The miracle of memorising by male/ female, young/old, blind/cripple is a living proof of its miracle.

4.) The prophecies are being fulfilled and have been.

5.) The scientific,

6.) cosmic,

7.) medical,

8.) geographical,

9.) astronomical truths as stated in the Quraan are been testified to after years of research.

10.) The political,

11.) economic,

12.) social,

13.) physiological and

14.) moral principles as stipulated in the Quraan are today being proven by even the oppositions as just, fair, valid, correct and proper.
The means and methods of gaining proximity to Allaah via, the various modes of Ibaadat eg,

15.) Salaat,

16.) Hajj ,

17.) Saum,

18.) Zakaat,

19.) Zikr (All forms) are so easy,

20.) simple that any Muslim can get nearness unto Allaah without complications. And these are mentioned in the Quraan.
It is a complete code of life,

21.) individualistic,

22.) domestic,

23.) on society level,
24.) national and

25.) international level.
Thus the Quraan is a miracle from many aspects, angles and ways. On all the above 25 points must there can be written and has been written to prove the miraculous nature of the Quraan.
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Answered on April 28, 2008 12:00 am