masturbate while breaking fast

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Bismillah hir Rahmaan nir Rahim,
1) When I was young I use to Masterbate, I did this in Ramadaan as well and while fasting. After materbating I remember carrrying on fasting as normal not eating. I realised that my fast broke and kept a single Roza backi as Kaza. Was I correct with only one Kaza
2) On one occassion I remembered that I masterbated because I had too much desire and then I ate a date thinking that my fast was broken anyway. My memory from Maktab was that as my intention to masterbate was not to eat but was because of desire so therefore only 1 Kaza is necessary and not 60 cosequtive roza. Is one necessary or is 60 consequtive necessary.
Alhamdullilah I made Toba for this eavil actions and no longer masterbate.

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:04 pm
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1) Yes
2) One.
Be steadfast.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:04 pm