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Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuhu,
I have some questions regarding Ramadan and Zakaat.

1: I am not able to fast due to medical reasons (specifically I am on medication).
What am I obligated to do during the month of Ramadan since I cannot fast?
2: Since I cannot fast during Ramadan, can I make the intention in my heart that I would like so fast so I can get the reward or will I get the reward even though I am not fasting for medical reasons? In other words, in this case, is the intention necessary for the reward?
I am a single mother and I am employed. The following are questions regarding Zakat:
1. I pay taxes so do I still have to pay Zakat?
2. If I do have to pay Zakat is the amount paid from my gross income (before or after taxes).
3. I am a single woman who is concerned about my financial future. Do I still have to give Zakat?
4a: If I have to pay Zakat, can I give the money to a poor family or buy food and clothes for them, give to medical research or give to organizations that feed the poor and homeless.
4b: Do I have to give the money to the poor people in person?
4c: Can I but them food, clothes, etc.. and give it to them or do I give them the money so pruchase whatever they wish?
5. What are the Zakat guidelines to who the Zakat is given to?
6. Can the Zakat be given to non-Muslims?

7. Since Zakat in once a year, do I have to pay it exactly the same day every year? Ex. If I gave Zakat March 16, 2009, does it have to be March 16 2010? If so, can I change the date so it can be given in Ramadan for more reward or no?
8. If a woman owns jewelry (earrings, bracelets, rings, etc..), does she have to pay Zakat for that? If so, how so?
9. If I am in debt do I have to pay Zakat?
10. My car is in terrible condition and I need to get another car so am I still obligated to pay Zakat?
11. If a person did not pay Zakat before through the years or for some years, is there such thing a Qadaa Zakat? If so, what are the guidelines?
12: Relating to question 2, regarding money in the bank account, do I calculate 2.5% of my money that I have not used?

13: If a poor family happens to have cable TV which usually costs X amount of money per month, can I give Zakat to them? What if I am not comfortable with that since the money might go to the cable TV bill?

Jazakumullahu Kayraa

Assalamu Alaykum

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Asked on March 16, 2010 12:00 am
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1) Make alot of Quraan Tilawaat, Durood and Zikr.
2) Will get reward upon intention.
1) If you have assets or jewellery equal to the value of 'Nisaab'.
2) After taxes
3) Yes, if liable.
4a) Give to poor, needy Muslim family in cash or kind. Not for medical research or a Muslim organisation which knows how to distribute Zakaat. Better to do distribution youself.
4b) Good to do so, but not necessary for validity.
4c) Both permissible.
5) See book on site 'Zakaat made easy' and 'Zakaat in detail'
6) No
7) Calculation to be done on the same day, the day can be changed to suit calculation, one can give Zakaat all year round.
8) Zakaat is on all gold/silver jewellery evaluate 2 1/2% of value to be paid.
9) Minus the debt pro rata / i.e. installments from assets when calculating.
10) Yes
11) Yes, back calculate
12) On balance
13) If you are not comfortable, then give elsewhere.
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Answered on March 16, 2010 12:00 am