Massallah pertaining to whether talaaq is valid if one said it third but sarcastically

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My Nikkah was performed on 27th of last Ramadan but my wife is still with her parents and she will move with me on 15th of November. We have not yet have consummated till now.
Last night I was talking to her on mobile phone, an argument arose and she said the word divorce in a sentence. The sentence was like that; “Say if you are lying then i will be divorced” (Pertinent to mention that she had said this unintentionally). Hearing this I got agitated and responded like this; ” What is this? Do you think this Divorce thing is a joke?” Afterwards I repeated the divorce word thrice as a stereotype/sarcastically/ironically (As people mostly repeat words in sarcasm in our culture) with no intention in my mind whatsoever the whole time of giving divorce to my wife.
Furthermore, I never addressed my wife directly as “I divorce you” anytime, I just repeated the “Divorce” word thrice.
We both have no damaging differences and are quite satisfied with each other and proudly love each other.
Please put light on the above and advise accordingly.
Thanks a lot for your help as always.
Allah Hafiz.

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Asked on November 13, 2011 11:21 am
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We have removed your name on the Question as this is a public site.
No Divorce has taken place.
But be cautious.

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Answered on November 13, 2011 11:21 am