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salams malsab. just wanted to know what is the ruling for ALL THE 4 FIQHS regarding the following if they are paak or napaak. also if you have to wash them from the body and the clothes. also if you need to do wudhu or not if it comes out. for both men and women discharges. MAY ALLAH REWARD YOU INSHALLAH. MAKE DUA FOR US ASWELL.

a) blood, flowing and non flowing
b) pus
c) wadi
d) mazi
e) mani
f) moisture from womens private part.
g) urine
h) stool
i) vomit
j) baby vomit
K) dogs saliva
h) all parts of pig.if you touch it aswell
i) something from the womens part called QAZY which is secreted due to arousal.

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Asked on August 23, 2010 12:00 am
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a) Na-paak
b) Na-paak
c) Na-paak
d) Na-paak
e) Na-paak
f) Na-paak
g) Na-paak
h) Na-paak
i) Na-paak
j) Na-paak
k) Na-paak
h) Na-paak
i) Na-paak
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Answered on August 23, 2010 12:00 am