Massallah pertaining to using different eating utensils

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Is fine bone china halal? i recently read that it may consist of animal bone.
If so, are halal animal bones allowed for usage in drinking utensils and eating utensils?
Also is gold or platinum plated crockery halal?
This question is about food products.
I recently attended a course that said for produce to be halal, halal fertilisers and compost containing halal animal composition need to be used.
Concerning vanilla, vanilla paste, shea butter, cocoa butter and essential oils for cosmetics, how would one ascertain this. Alot of products using these oils and butters are on the market and are organic, but are they halal if no other haraam products are used in them?
The vanilla products are from a malaysian company and certified halal , yet is it common practice to use these halal fertilisers and composts?
These are all possible business ventures.

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Asked on March 22, 2011 9:09 pm
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1) Yes
2) Yes
3) If pure no.
4)The initial principle of the said course is not correct.
The initial principle of the said course is not correct.

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Answered on March 22, 2011 9:09 pm