Massallah pertaining to the hijaab and niqaab

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Asalaamu alaykum warah matulahi wabarakatuh
i have a question to ask

i am a female muslim who is married and in abaya, scarf and niqaab….Alhumdulilah!
i take being in niqaab a very serious thing to the extent dat i live with my brother.inlaw yet i do not talk 2 as everybody knows the style of being in
niqaab nowadays is to be fashionable but covered!
Allah SWT knows that i do my best 2 obey these laws of niqaab
*my husband has bought me bangles and we pay zakah on it every year yet i don’t wear them coz im afraid the sounds of it will attract attention!
*dont wear perfume in the house coz im afraid if my father-inlaw or brother.inlaw smells it than im considered 2 b an adultress.
*i dont wear makeup coz im scared 2 be noticed
*i dont wear high-heels ,i fear dat i will be heard
i feel in my heart dat im trying my utmost best not to give in to these temptations as mentioned above but i have a weakness…
my weakness is dat i wear abayas with a little bead work so in my heart i feel its okay! nowadays u get abayas dat are beaded all over (back &front) .i dont wear those. i wear the abayas that probably have beads on the sleeve and thats all.
is that okay?
ive seen many people who r in niqaab that put colourful eyeshadow 2 attract the eyes..i dont do that…plz explain?
ive seen many people who say that atleast im better than others coz im covering my body so its okay 2 wear those overdone abayas..i dont do that!
ive seen people who wear that hump on the head with makeup on the face ,tight fitting abaya, perfume and bangles as well as high-heels..and they say that atleast they r covered its okay? plz explain
plz mufti saab plz advise me am i wrong here?
May Allah SWT guide us all n send his mercy upon us…………………………..
wasallamu alaykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh

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Asked on August 20, 2010 12:00 am
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Simple Abayas which are non-attractive are the best. A bead or two will be ok.
To dress attractively with eye shadow and/or smart Abayas and go in bazaars or mixed gathering defeats the very aim and object of Hijaab.
If a person is adopting the Hijaab slowly that is good but to state what they doing is enough is not correct and retrogression perse.
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Answered on August 20, 2010 12:00 am