Massallah pertaining to the different Mazhabs

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“Do not misunderstand me. I am a Hanafi Muslim. I am a Muqalid. A non-Muqalid is NOT from the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat. We love, respect, honour and defend all Imaams of Fiqh.
See on site our writing on Taqleed and on the life and works on the 4 Illustrious Imaams of Fiqh.
After reading the above you will Insha-Allaah understand.
All 4 Mazhabs say 7 shares in a big animal NOT 10. As the Ahle Hadith sect claim.”
I know that mufti is hanafi. I know that you are muqalid as I am too, I wouldnt coment on their place on ahlus sunnah wal jamaat because then what will we do & who do we follow at the haraam. asuming that we should follow followers of our sect.
the jumua is for all that is why dont see the reason why at a gathering open to all madhabs you should mention that something that another madhab does is abrogated. this causes confusion amongs the followers of other madhabs who do not have alot of knowledge. for example & I dont know if you would agree with this: the relied opinion in the shafi madhab pertaining to beard is that it is makro to cut (not haraam), today there are shafi’s calling other shafi’s fasiq for this. tomorrow a shafi would tell the other not to rais the hands or read fatihah after the imaam because one mufti said that it is abrogated.
my sheikh at a shafi institute while teaching shafi’ fiqh for the baab of wudhu would tell us that only three hairs are wajib to wash, he will then tell us the best method & the sunnah method in according to the strongest opinion in our madhab. he then points out that the whole head is wajib according to the madhab of Imaam Abu Hanifa RA & according to imaam Malick RA there is a slight difference in method & demonstrate. never would he ever say that our opinion is stronger or that yours is abrogated.

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Asked on December 13, 2010 12:00 am
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Kindly read our research on the Beard, you are grossly misinformed about the Shaafi ruling.
Once again we state, we are not against those who follow any one of the 4 Imaams of Fiqh.
Our difficulty lies with the Ghair Muqalids. Do not confuse the matter.
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Answered on December 13, 2010 12:00 am