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My husband recently (1month ago ) issued me with a triple Talaq (written on a page), after may problems I want to find out if his actions and his parents actions were right or wrong (i don’t have parents).
In January 2010 my husband started accusing me of many things,
1. He accused me of cheating on him, which i never did
2. He denied the paternity of our Son (claiming my son belongs to another man)
3. He accused me of putting heroin (drugs) in his food yet he admited that he was taking drugs (ecstasy tablets) for a very long time.
4. He accused me of doing jadoo on him.
I have done evertything that was asked of me to prove my innocence and all this was still not good enough even to the extent of invoking Allahs curse on me.
Basically he started blaming me for everything that he had done wrong even when it concerned his past fights that he had with his parents he placed the blame on me and his parents beleived everything that he said and also took part in calling me ugly names and going on to say that i wanted to make their son mad and have him killed, and his mother would constatntly tell people in my presence that she hates me and that he was taking drugs because he could not handle being married to me and yet he was on drugs long before he had met me, but managed to hide it well up until the begining of this year. My Husband and his mother would also discuss the marital problems with everyone that they knew and she would tell people what a bad woman i am ect.
My husband subsequently issued me with a triple talaq (written). and has not supported his 2 children from the time they were born.
Please advise regarding his actions and those of his parents.

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Asked on November 10, 2010 12:00 am
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Now that the marriage contract is over, make Duaa and Sabr - proceed with lif.
If what you say is valid then because of their habits they will bear the natural consequences thereof.
They have not behaved in a Shaari proper manner.

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Answered on November 10, 2010 12:00 am