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Dear Mufti Sahb
i have been married recently. my husband and i have been having a few disagreements. when he is upset i usually remain silent until he calms down and then wish to talk to him, hiwever he does not like me to do so as he says that i show no concern when he is upset. A week ago he got angry and told me that i should go to my mothers house and i should tell her that he is considering a talaaq. and he said that i can decide where i would like to spend ,y iddat.
1. does this constitute as a talaaq being given?
later that night the families were involved. he then came to me that night and held me. he says he only said that he threatened me with talaak for me to realise how important the issue is to him.
2. i came to my parents to spend some time now. while talking we encountered another argument over the telephone. here he stated a number of times that he is done with this marriage and me nad that he was going to speak to his family. he later said sorryand that he loves me and wants this marriage to work.
please advise me as to the status of my nikkah.
may ALLAH reward you

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Asked on February 15, 2011 3:58 pm
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1) No Talaaq
2) No Talaaq if he did not intend so.

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Answered on February 15, 2011 3:58 pm