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Assalaam walaikum Mufti.
1. If after 1 talaaq has been given, and an iddah period is finished,without a revoking. And if the parties involved want to reconcile, with a new nikah, does that mean, that there are still 3 talaaqs left or 2?
2. After 7 months, my husband and I want to reconcile. He has apologised profusely, and realised his mistakes. He is even willing to move to my home-town, and reside in a home that he owns,and be with me and his 2 year old daughter. My family hasn’t given him a supportive feeling, and feel that his family needs to come and discuss our issues. We both accept our faults and really want to start afresh. I understand how they feel, but do not want to let their feelings cloud my judgement.
Am I wrong, do I have to go through all the motions? To make my family secure?
3. He has already spoken to my father, and confirmed when the new nikah is to take place, but has felt alot of resentment and unwelcomed by my father, and thus do not want to bring his family forward. Is he justified?

4. Do I need to perform salaatul istekhaarah to reconcile?
5. Some family and friends feel, that I should make him prove himself, and that he must come to my home-town and work, and after 6 months, think about whether I want to go back with him. Please comment.


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Asked on August 23, 2010 12:00 am
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1) 2
2) Both draw an agreement in uniting which stipulate what both you would NOT do. Have witnesses to this.
This will make reconciliation easier.
3) No, if he wants to make a home, he must mover positively forward.
4) No
5) This proposal is reasonable.
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Answered on August 23, 2010 12:00 am