Massallah pertaining to Salaah and wudhu

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asalumu alaikum mufti saab
1.)what is the masla of cutting the hair after performing umrah do males have to shave their heads bald or is it fine to just cut but not shave bald, is their more reward for shaving bald then one who does cut but not shave bald?
2.)does cutting your nails break your wudhu
3.)if ones hair on their private parts are longer then a grain of rice for more than 40days will that persons namaaz ,telaawat etc be accepted
4.)if one touches a door handle,switch etc after comming out of the toilet without washing their hands does that item become napark
5.)does one have to shave his hair anus
6.)is putting hair gel haram
7.)whats the laws regarding long hair
8.)when you have a peace of food stuck in your teeth while in namaaz what must do,if goes down is your namaaz broken
9.)what happens when you go toilet after you make istinja you still feel urine in the urethra and then happens to come out while walking etc
10.)shaving the beard is like putting a sword trew prophet mohammed heart, is this statement true
11.)if keeping a beard keeps making you scratch it is it ok to shave, nb: also in namaaz will be scratching
12.)is ones namaaz accepted if he does not move his lips
13.)if touching you body or playing with clothes more than 3 time break your namaaz

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Asked on November 10, 2010 12:00 am
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1) It is best to shave (bald) permissible to remove 1/4.
2) No
3) Valid, little chance of acceptance.
4) No
5) Yes
6) If gel is 'Halaal' then using it as a hair cream it will be permissible.
7) What in particular regarding long hair?
8) If it is bigger than a grain - Salaat broke.
9) Wash and wash where it fell.
10) It is of a famous part poet.
11) Scratch
12) No - not valid
13) If done within 3 Subhanallah's in one posture.

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Answered on November 10, 2010 12:00 am