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As salamu alaykum,
I am still facing the same doubts in salaah and seemingly nothing has changed i.e. things as when reading additional surah that one has not recited fatiha before it, or when in ruku one has not recited the takbir when going to ruku. Or when in the sujud the doubt that one has not done a sujud before it. Or when in 3th rakaat doubt whether did tashahhud after the 2nd rakaat. Or even behind the imaam whether i started with takbir, said amin after imaams fatih.
Today i prayed the fard of Zuhr and in the third rakaat when reciting fatiha i repeated a portion of it from ”iyyaka na’budu” till ”ihdinas’siratal mustaqim” so i decided after completing to repeat the salaah.
The first time i prayed i got doubt in the 3th rakaat whether i did one or two sajdah, i continiued and completed. After i decided to repeat it again, when offering exactly the same doubt in the same rakaat happened. So again i felt to repeat it once more. My woman said don’t repeat you must have offered correctly.
Then i said no i will repeat, and if it happens again i will LEAVE….now as soon as i said this in a fraction i got whispered that what i said was audhu’billah that i will leave offering salaah in its totality, so immidiatly in a fraction i added the word REPEATING, thus my full sentence was “”and if it happens again i will LEAVE…(fraction of second)…REPEATING”
Now i got whispering that i may have comitted kufr may Allah protect me.
Did i comit kufr or is this whispers from shaytaan who botters me with waswas ? What the solution in my salaat, i repeated Zuhr 3 times. There is not a day, not a salaat which i have not doubts, i have always urgue to repeat because dont feel saticfied. Same counts for my wudhu, it takes very long.
Please advise me accordingly what to do.
Was salaam.

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Asked on July 24, 2011 11:44 pm
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You are been bogged down by Shaitaani whispers. Read Istikhfaar a lot. In Salaat, the first figure that comes in your mind, peg it, take it, use it, do not doubt it, stick to it and move forward.

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Answered on July 24, 2011 11:44 pm