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mufti sahb please help me out here..some one has told me that it is not sunnat for a lady to use purda and if they use it they are known as “t.j” and tey use it because of the filth they do and they filthy pride he also said that its not stated in the quraan,is it true?
and he said it not sunnat for a males pants to be above the ankles please advice

(this guy who told me this is only 17 he said that his uncle moulana saleem from australia has even told him that..i personaly feel that they are making their own fatwaas,i feel this people are with that sunni and tabligh dispute refrence on that please)
is it haraam to fold your pants inside out and read namaaz
if what he said is not true what is the punishment for him???
jazakallah..may allah reward you ameen thumma ameen


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Asked on October 8, 2010 12:00 am
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See on site for works on Hijaab.. Salaat is Fardh.
If some who are regular in Salaat behave badly then must we abandon Salaat. Similarly with Hijaab if some ladies behave badly (do not understand the true concept of Hijaab) the necessity of Hijaab does not fall away. It is against Shariaat to wear pants below the ankles for males.
Salaat will be valid if the pants are below the ankles but bereft of reward.
The person is a sinner who is trying to mislead.

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Answered on October 8, 2010 12:00 am