Massallah pertaining to Nikaah

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Revered Ulama-e-ikram Assalam-alaikum,
I am Syed Moin alias Rehan. I am living in the USA as US citizen. I am a Hanafi from Ahlus Sunna Val Jamaat. I developed love with a Sunni Muslim Girl from South India through Internet. So I came to India and met her. but I was not able to fulfill my sexual desires as I did not want an unlawful or Haram sex. I am a very religious person so even in USA I would not get into any affair with any girl so how can I do that in India
I was a bit committed till 2011, so I was not in a position to marry her before that. Also her parents would not want her to marry her lover. So we both decided to get married without our parents knowledge on phone. I had two witnesses and a Moulana to recite the Nikah sermon inside a mosque, my wife was on speakerphone from her hometown. One of the witnesses sought her permission to be her wakeel as brother. She granted the permission gladly. Mahar was fixed and declared. My marriage took place on July, 2009.
Marriage was performed. We both are majors in age according to Indian law. I am 31 and she is 23. Since then we used to meet as husband and wife. All of a sudden in January this year due to my wifes simple mistake we were caught red-handed and exposed to her parents. My widow mother, brothers and sisters have no objection at all at present. Her parents especially her didi or older sister do not recognize our marriage at all as valid or lawful. They say it is a Haram relationship. The girls mother said once we take the girl to Umrah her sins are washed away as muslim girls are allowed to do that according to one of her Moulana she said.
The girl is in a dilemma now because she is not sure if our Nikah is lawful or valid since her parents claim so. I have slept with my wife countless number of times and I cannot just cheat her and walk away.

I humbly request the grand mufti of your esteemed Madrasa to issue a Fatwa or decree regarding this with respect to my case and save her from Haram as her parents are about to marry her off to someone else. Please send me the Fatwa through E-mail or Postal mail as per your convenience, as soon as possible for they may take any wrong step to marry her off to someone else.

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Asked on August 26, 2010 12:00 am
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Kindly contact your local Ulema.
We are of the opinion that the marriage was not valid in the first place.

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Answered on August 26, 2010 12:00 am