Massallah pertaining to Nikaah in England

In england a marriage has to be registered, therefore ahmed and fatima went to the registration office to get their marriage registered.This was before an islamic nikah even happened.In the registration office a christian lady asked ahmed to say to fatima, “I accept you to be my lawfully wedded wife”, and the christian lady asked fatima to say to ahmed,”I accept you to be my lawfully wedded husband”. There were also numerous family members present, in actual fact when the marriage was getting registered, the christian lady asked for two witnesses who had to also register their name, the two witnesses were male muslim family members.This whole process was classed as an engagement.The couple have not yet conducted a proper islamic nikah.My question is, is it permissible for ahmed and fatima to be together as married couple because the basic requirements of an islamic nikah were fulfilled?

1 thought on “Massallah pertaining to Nikaah in England”

  1. The above does not fall or constitutes on Islaamic Nikah (marriage) thus they cannot stay or behave like a married couple.