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As salamu alaykum,
I want you to assist me in a problem i get in.
Somehow i can’t manage to take wudhu normally/quickly. The avarage time it takes me 10-15 minutes at least. Somehow i fall in a trap.
Im am constantly repeating things because of fearing that places may left dry and my wudhu and prayers will not be accepted, and also repeating things fearing that i have not done it. This not only in wudhu but also in the salaat. It seems the doubts are spreading out.
Because of the doubts occur in my wudhu and salaah i am getting the urge to repeat. I even started recording my wudhu and prayers with the audio-record function of my GSM to check afterward.
Because of these problems i have fall in a kind of slowness. It is like that the whole day i am only taking wudhu and making salaat.
It seems that whenever i am in the next stage of a step in wudhu, or whenever i am in the next stage of a step in salaah, then i think back and and doubt whether i had done the step before it. For example when i wash my nose, im starting to doubt wheter i had wash my mouth or when i am reading the additional surah in salaah i ask myself whether i had readed surah fatiha, or when i come back from the second sujud i ask whether i had done the first or whether this one is the first.
I want to get rid of this all and do my wudhu in normal time, and also pray my salaat with ease.
Please help me.
Was salaam

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Asked on March 9, 2011 9:33 pm
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Shaitaan is causing all your problems.
No need to record. Ask someone to help you. The person must only give you 3 minutes to make Wudhu, after that hall you out.
Must give you maximum 5 min for 4 Rakaats, after that admonish you severely.
You yourself need to get hold of the situation, otherwise you are going to become a nervous wreck.
Be certain. Be sure. Be positive.
Shaitaan currently is having a fields day with you.
Increase recitation of 'La Hawla wala Quwata...'

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Answered on March 9, 2011 9:33 pm