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Assalaamu alaikum May Allah Ta’ala grant Mufti Saheb long life and good health to continue your sterling efforts for His Deen, Ameen
A woman has a haidh aada of 10 days with tuhr aada of approx. 19 days. However she began bleeding full flow after 14 tuhr days. Will haidh be considered from her normal time in the month ( after her previous tuhr aada) or from immediately after the 15th day. If she counted haidh from her normal qadr aada( after 19 tuhr days) and this time now began bleeding after 14 tuhr days, when will this new bleeding be considered as haidh?
A woman has haidh aada of 8 days. However she began bleeding in the fol 3 haidh cycles for more than 10 days. What will her haidh aada be for each cycle?

I am confused about the answer given for mas’ala 57 in the book ‘Flowers for Women’, probably due to the diifficiency of my understanding. According to my understanding the bleeding on the 14th day of tuhr would be considered as a continuous flow with the previous haidh hence it would be istihaza. During her normal time there was no bleeding, thus the new haidh will only be considered from that 11th day that she bled. However it will only be considered haidh if bleeding resumes within 15 days and lasts more then 3 days, or else that one day’s bleeding too will be istihaza and no haidh will be considered at all. Please clarify for me if i am wrong. Jazakallah. May all your jaiz maqasid be fulfilled with kair.

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Asked on June 23, 2011 2:01 pm
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Regard 1st day ass Istihaaza and remainder as haiz as explained in your last paragraph.
8 days.
The answer in the book is correct.

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Answered on June 23, 2011 2:01 pm