Massallah pertaining to greeting the musallees in the masjid after Salaah with the hand

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Assalamo alaikum Mufti hope you and all your family are well.
May ALLAH give you all good health and long life and continue your good work.
My 1st Question:
After our Fajr salaat I noticed that one brother in particular in our masjid made it a habit of greeting every single brother by making salaam with a hand shake and a smile.
Please note this is not immediately after the salaat.
We have a practice for many years now that Surah yaseen is recited thereafter dua is made and there is a morning fikr with the brothers by then most of the musallees would have left.
Recently I observed that this brother had stopped going round the masjid and greeting each brother I had become accustomed to this warm brotherhood.
Nevertheless I approached this brother and asked him why he had stopped greeting us in this manner and his answer was that he was told to stop this action because it constitutes bidat.
Please advise.
2nd Question
When travelling the 2 rakaats of Asr are missed unintentionally what is the ruling
does one read 2 rakaat qadah whilst still on journery or can this be done on completion of the journey
When one gets back home do we read 2 rakaats of missed salaat or 4 rakaats.

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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1st - Brother is correct.
No formal Yaseen. Collective reading via prior calling proven.
2nd - Both
Can be done whilst on journey or thereafter.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am