Massallah pertaining to drawing up ones will

Assalaamu Alaikum Mufti,
I have a son, daughter and a wife. A year after we got married according to shariah, we also got married in community of property as my wife felt insecure.
I paid for the house from my income and it is now paid in full. My wife assisted me over the years with paying off our car and assisting with our monthly expenses.
1) My wife and I promised our son he will inherit the house. Our daughter is happy with that. a) Should my wife and I stipulate this in our wills.
b) Is this allowed?
2) I’m not able to pay my wife back at the moment for her contributions and she also received an amount of R40,000 inheritance money a few years back which went to towards our debt. Can I make mention in my will she should be repaid from the inheritance I leave behind if there cash when I pass away?

1 thought on “Massallah pertaining to drawing up ones will”

  1. Firstly change your marriage contract to a/m/c minus the accural system.
    1) Do the tranfer with the clause that both you and your wife will stay in the house rent free as long as either one lives.
    2) You can do so.