Massallah pertaining to a verbally abusive husband

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I have a major Issues which that is ” my dear husband”,. We had love marriage, and first 2mounths of marriage everything was Alhumdallah Great, But after that. He started to Cursed me out. Calls me Names, female dog, and cursed my mother out, talks about her private parts, calls me a and ho, I feel so bad. I always prayed namaz and ask Allah ta’ala please let me get married to a religious man, but I got trap with a man, who in his past that he, he always party and pick up nudes girls from club or night club. He never were close to Islam. His father told him when ever you are bring a girl home, let me know so i leave the house empty for you. I didn’t know that he was a party boy or he did more than one zina in his life. But when he married me, he told me i did bad stuff in my past but now i’m over it. Yesterday, someone came to me and say oh I saw your husband going to nude places and clubs here in america, He is cheating on you. I felt like my life was over..I prayed namaz crying asking Allah ta’ala forgiveness for myself for being with a sinner like that. I feel soo upset whyyyyy this is happending to me?
what should i do about this? I also talked to my husband asking him, do you do this. He started cursing at me again calling me a ho, slut and my father was my pimp. He never fear Allah ta’ala or to him having sex with anothers nasty woman are peace of cake. For Allah sakes he doesn’t feel quality nothing. What should i do? I never seen him with anyone, but alwayz hear stuff about him from his coworkers and his brother. Who should I believed him or anothers?? I can’t trust him. i am totally broken inside and outside, i lost hope in this world. i’m such a good wife Alhumdallah, cook for him, clean his house and take care of his kid. give him all my money, and i don’t know what he does with it. what should i do? please guide me, what dua should i read to common down? and he keeps on telling me that i’m going to leave you, when for Allah sakes he is doing everything wrong here not me? what should i do? i need help

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Asked on October 23, 2010 12:00 am
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Those who were your agents in Nikah and the influential witnesses should be consulted and brought in to address the matter.
Make istighfaar a lot.

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Answered on October 23, 2010 12:00 am