Massallah pertaining to a Muslim woman marrying a non Muslim man

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There is a non-muslim man at work (we are both in our 40’s, he’s never married and I am divorced) who I really admire as he is a very good person (he is a staunch Christian though). He works with a number of good Muslim men who have told me about his character and one colleague told me that he would make a wonderful Muslim. My dilemma is that everyone who knows him tells me that he is too Christian and from a racist background to ever consider me, but unbeknownst to them his manager spoke to me and told me that the guy really likes me.
I performed Istikhara and from my perspective the answer was very positive and I didn’t feel the need for an interpretation. I spoke to a pious Muslim man about my situation today and he too feels that I would need a miracle for the guy to revert and he felt that I needed my dream interpreted. I have to mention that there were other signs as well other than the dream. On the 6th night I dreamt that he was taking care of me…that’s all I dreamt. Am I correct in my assumption that this was a good dream?
Shukran for your time.

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Asked on March 22, 2011 9:26 pm
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We do not encourage females working outside the home in the light of the Shariat.
If the said person does not accept Islaam. Cut relationship, ideas, contact and even if possible leave that work.
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Answered on March 22, 2011 9:26 pm