Masalah pertaining to Hajj and paying Dam for any errors

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. I recently performed hajj alhamdulillah and had doubt on whether I leaked mazi during the 2 rakats salah for tawaf ziyarah. I did perform wudhu just before the salah but felt something may have come out. Do I have to give a dam if my wudhu broke during the 2 rakats?
Also if one makes more than one major error in hajj requiring dam, will more than 1 dam be necessary or should 1 suffice. Please answer as soon as possible. JazakAllah

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Asked on October 13, 2014 4:19 pm
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1) No.

2) If you state the 'Major error' then we can rule. Best to speak to your local Aalim or the Aalim you went for Hajj with. Note: The Rule is one Damm does not suffice for many penalties.

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Answered on October 13, 2014 4:19 pm