Marriage problems

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Muftisaab, I would please like to ask you for your advice concerning my marriage.

Muftisaab, me and my husband have been married for almost 20 years now. We loved each other uncontrollably and were always inseparable. Both of us are teachers, however mufti, I am terribly ashamed of a mistake a made about 5 years ago when I entertained A FEW messages and phone calls from another mu’allim. When I realized my mistake I sincerely repented to my husband and mostly ALLAH. I always have the belief that ALLAH is All-Forgiving and Most-Merciful and only HE can judge me.Since then upto about a year ago,my husband and I were very happy again. Unfortunatley, I live in a community where there is alot of hasad and the people love stories. now, 5years down the line, the people still are out to get me and are trying to break my marriage. Muftisaab, my husband, in-laws and parents keep receiving anoymous calls telling them all lies about me which I and ALLAH knows are not true. it happens on a continuous basis and it has got to such a point where my husband has already given me two talaaq’s because he says he cant handle the pressure from the people anymore. He believes whatever he hears without any evidence to prove I am guilty. Muftisaab, I have 4 children(all between the ages of 3-8), who keep asking ALLAH why there father has left them. What do I tell them. My 3year old daughter lifts her hands to ALLAH every day asking him to re-unite our family. I am making every kind of dua possible begging ALLAH for help and I am also begging my husband to take me back as i love him more than anything and I know that I have not done anything wrong, but he says where must he put his head as my name is gone so low,how can he take me back. I must stress Muftisaab that this is done by a group of people who hate me for whatever reason and have told me they will make sure they break my marriage and take me to the dogs. ALLAH knows I am clean.
Muftisaab, it is almost two months since I have been given the 2 talaaqs and I so much want to go back and rebuild our home but my husband refuses.I make shukr to ALLAH that I atleast have both my parents who are there for me but noe, the people have started hurting them as well because of the stories that are going around about me.
I cry continuously day and night and have gone into a depression. I have also overdosed thrice and have a desire to die as I cant take it anymore. I know that this is wrong but i cant help it…
Muftisaab, I need your advice as urgently as possible. please.

JAZAK’ALLAH for you time and advice.
May ALLAH reward you abundantly.

from a servant of ALLAH.

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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You should not become despondant. Get a local Alim to intervene. At times better to separate until the dust settles.

o use over dozing because, that is haraam and think of your children.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am