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I have written previously regarding my marriage issues.I use to do everything possible and to the best of my ability to make my husband happy. no matter how hard i try, hes just not satisfied. I cook the food, dish it out in a plate and even feed it to him with my own hands. Sometimes i even cut his nails. he is treated like a king. However he treats me with such cruelty and harshness. he looks at me with hatred in his eyes-all stems from his mothers hatred towards me.

A moulana told me there has been jadoo done to him. he does not believe in it and will not go for any form of help etc.. hes mother took him to someone and he came home with 3 t”taweezes” on him..since then , he never spoke to me and our 2yr old son at all. just stared at us with anger and hatred.

what can i do to help him and this marriage?

what duaas can i read so that when he looks at me, he feels love and affection towards me?

please please advise.


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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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They have no proof as 'proof' for their lies and deception. Other brothers have also died to listen to their 'proof'. They are strange. Firstly illegally taping me, secondly stating they have'proof', (who will believe that they are so pious and innocent that they will not 'doctor' the tape). However the habitual  lying of Sanha headed by Moulana Navlakhi is now being exposed on a weekly basis. Soon the false mask of pious, smooth talking, glib tongue and double policy will fall and the true ugly picture of reality will be seen by all. On the Day of Days where no falsehood prevails disgrace will be the lot of the liars. However wait and see, I am waiting.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am