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Assalamu alaykum,
I am sure that you know about a group of people known as “Mamatis” who consider themselves Deobandis.Their views on Hayatun Nabi and Sama e Mauta are not at par with Ulama e deoband.
On the other hand ,Mufti Rasheed Ahmed Ludhianvi (rahamtullah) is widely respected by all Deobandi ulama.
My questions are:

1) Mamatis claim that Mufti Rasheed was a Mamati.Is this true?

2) A certain person was trying to prove from Ahsanul Fatwa that Mufti Rasheed held views similar to Mamatis.If you have read Ahsanul Fatwa,is there any belief contrary to Ulama e Deoband?

3)In Ahsanul Fatwa , Mufti Rasheed has written that this masala (hayatun nabi and sama e mota) is not so significant that there is dispute on this. Mamatis claim that this statement of Mufti Rasheed shows that he considered the Mamatis as part of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah whereas our Ulama have given the fatwa that Mamatis are out of the fold of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah. Kindly enlighten me on this issue.

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Asked on August 8, 2014 7:52 pm
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If you send the page numbers we can quickly check. However, mainstream Ulema-e-Deoband have classified the Mamatis out of the fold of the Ahlus Sunnat awl Jamaat.

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Answered on August 8, 2014 7:52 pm