Making Two Cities as Watan-e-Asliy at a time

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Subject: Making Two Cities as Watan-e-Asliy at a time
My family used to live at City A, however I work at City B. But now I have shifted my wife and children to City B as well. I dont have any definite intention of relocation from City B yet. However, I dont consider myself completely disassociated from City A because
1.I still retain some of my belongings and living place at City A.
2. I use the address of City A Residence as permanent address in official documents (because I live in a rented house in City B and possibility of shifting within City B is always there).
3.I and my family had to visit City A periodically because my parents, relatives and my wifs parents and relatives live there.
4. Whenever I had to travel alone outstation of City B for a week or greater, I shift my family to City A (e.g. I would leave for a foreign visit of one year in coming days and in this case I will shift my family to City A for whole year).
Can I make both cites as my Watan-e-asliy?

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Asked on June 23, 2010 12:00 am
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