Making taubah for a sin

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Assalam o alaikum.

Respected Mufti Saheb,
1. I want to know that if someone does a major sin like watching bad and evil movies and then he repents in front of Allah. He cries and says that he has done this sin and he will not do it again and please forgive him and does tauba sincerely. He also says in his dua while repenting that if he does this sin again then Allah do not catch him and forgive him as You are all forgiver. He stays out of the sin and closes the avenues leading to this sin also but after say 6 to 7 months he again watches the bad and evil movies again and thinks that Allah is all forgiver and His mercy is infinite and he will surely forgive. His mind says that do this sin and then do Tauba again you will be forgiven and so he then feels sorry that he had once done tauba for this sin before but has done it delebrately again. So he again does tauba and repents sincerely and cries and says that Allah forgive me as I have again done this sin.

So I want to know is this sincere tauba or playing with tauba. Is satan playing havoc with him. But after crying and making tauba he does not do the sin for few months but again does it. So will this kind of tauba be valid and counted. Or since he is doing it again and again though after some months or time this will not come in the category of tauba.

2. Secondly he makes tauba from a certain sin but after a few months he does other sin and not the previous sin. So is the tauba done from the previous sin be counted or this will invalidate the previous tauba also.

3.So does tauba mean that once it is done the sin must not be repeated ever again in the life. Which becomes a little hard as he might do the same sin say after 8 years or sometime within a life span so will doing tauba at this time be valid or will it also come under playing with tauba and Allah, and taking granted of Allah’s mercy and forgiveness.
I have downloaded the audio of Tauba from your site for further clarification.

Please avoid my confusion.

Jazzakumullah khair!

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Asked on May 3, 2014 12:30 am
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Your Tauba is good as long as you do not commit that sin again. Do not make a mockery of Tauba. Know that Allaah can punish also. Man is born to err. However, one who knows that there exists an ointment to cure burning does not repeatedly put his fingers into the fire. Each Major sin requires a Tauba of its own. Do not let shaytaan play with your mind. Do not take his wrong advices and consolations that Allaah is All Merciful. Be cautious; you are a good person.

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Answered on May 3, 2014 12:30 am