Making ikhtilaf with spiritual mentor in terms of furuu’i masaail

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Respected Mufti Saheb,

1. As an Aalim, is it correct for me to make ikhtilaf with my spiritual mentor in terms of furuu’i masaail (keeping in mind that he is a hanafi)?

2. If theres a contradiction between a spiritual mentor and a fiqhi mas’alah, who should I give preference and tarjeeh to? (Some people say its not right to give tarjeeh to mas’ alah and if I give tarjeeh to masaail thats a sign of guroor in the heart)

3. Some people say that if you give tarjeeh to mas’ alah then one making khilaf of the practice of ulama e deoband. Please advice me

4. When I hear that a certain Alim is watching TV (such as watching wildlife) or come on TV, my heart does not permit me to sit for his lectures or go for his sohbat. Am I deviated or am I doing the right thing?

5: An Aalim said that masaa’il are different and the mizaj of shari’ah is different. Do masaa’il contradict with the mizaj of shari’ah?

Jazakallahu khairaa

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Asked on February 3, 2014 11:15 pm
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1) Yes, provided you have proper, valid proofs. Do so with respect.

2) Preference is given to the Fiqhi Mas'alah.

3) Correct.

4) You are on the right path.

5) No, this is fallacious.


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