Lying about age in order to buy and sell online

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before I turned 18, I was 17, I signed up with paypal and ebay, I entered a false age by mistake, I wrote the false age because I wanted to buy something really badly , I have also sold on ebay using that paypal account to send and receive money, I have abided by all the rules and regulations with paypal and ebay, I have followed all the rules but I signed up before I turned 18, I am now over 18 but the date of birth is the same as when I signed up,
I sent money from my paypal account through my bank account to the seller ( paypal transactions are by e-mail) to buy the product, does the above make the product which I bought haram for me?
also all the money which came through to my paypal account by selling products on ebay, is it haram , although the items which I sold were bought properly, for e.g. I had bought a pair of jeans for �125 cash then sold them for �60 on ebay, when you sell something you have to pay ebay (10% commission )and paypal fees, I have paid those fees as well everytime I have sold something, the only thing is the date of birth was wrong when I signed up shall I send a apology? is it ok for me to continue using the account?
I would like to know a detailed answer and a solution to this mess ( from shari aspect)

I would also appreciate if you could read the user agreement to help me?

jazakallah, Sorry for any inconvenience caused and May Allah reward you in both worlds

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Asked on June 21, 2013 1:08 pm
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Transaction was faulty but money may be used. Cancel that account. Re apply with valid details. Make Istighfaar and Taubah

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Answered on June 21, 2013 1:08 pm