Loyalty programme for retail customers

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Assalaamu ‘alaikum Mufti

I thought I’d just pen this quickly.

This is the process we would like to adopt for our loyalty programme for retail customers:

Customer fills out an application form and gives it back to us with a ID Photo and R250.00

A) In return they will get

1) 5% discount on any purchase from any of our 3 stores

2) at the end of every month there will be a random draw for a customer to get back his monthly spend in goods or a fixed amount say a 5000rand voucher to be used as one purchase within 30 days
3) Certain specials would be open only to loyalty programme members eg paintballs at 30rand for loyalty members only when others pay 350rands

B) Another alternative for the retail loyalty programme is to work so that every 100 rands spent equals one point which is equivalent to one rand and then at any given point the customer can claim his points back in product?

The membership to the loyalty programme would be for 1 calendar year only and will have to be renewed therafter.

C) The programme we would like for our wholesale customers is far simpler:

Buy for 200 thousand rands and get 1% back as a rebate in product
Buy for 500 thousand rands and get 2% back as a rebate in product
. Buy for 1Million rands and get 5% back as a rebate in product.

Please can you comment on both programmes and offer any suggestions if possible.


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Asked on September 23, 2008 12:00 am
Private answer

A) First system not permissible

B) This is ok

C) This is ok
. Use later 2 schemes for retail also

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Answered on September 23, 2008 12:00 am