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Sir I want to ask whether love marriage is Islam is jaiz (lawful) or na-jaiz (un-lawful). Has any of the Sahabah R.A. or Tabayeen or Tabe-Tabayeen or Wali-Allah has ever been in love or had love marriage. This is just to enquire for my knowledge and satisfaction. As I am a male and not yet married. But my mother is telling me to get married. So before getting married I want to clarify this confusion.
One more thing it is haram to see a non- mahram so how can one fall in love. Until and unless he/she sees one another. At the time of Walima (Reception) the Bride sits on the stage and people come and meet her and the bridegroom and give gifts. So at that time the non-mahram men and women are seeing each other and the bride is watched by all the relatives and friends on this occasion. So what should be done and how should one avoid this in reception.
If I want to marry so I would want to see the girl whom I am getting married and vice-versa, but this will be haram as we both are unknown to each other, then how should the marriage be done, especially in the modern age. Please anwer my query as soon as possible in the light of Quran and Hadith.

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Asked on October 13, 2013 1:16 pm
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1) Love courting before marriage is Haraam.

2) To see girl before marriage is permissible.

3) These receptions are basically Haraam in nature, i.e. the activities which you stated.

4) One should not go to these types of functions.

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