Listening and following to an Alim who stands for wrong and does wrong

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Below are the publicly available online statements/quotes/posts of a ‘Shaykh’ Ibrahim Mogra, a Deobandi Alim from UK. In light of these statements please advise whether it is still permissible to listen to his lectures or follow him.
1. “A few years ago a delegation of Christians and Muslims were in Brussels for a conference. For dinner we went to a restaurant in the centre of the city. I was thrilled to see that the nativity scene was re-enacted with life size figurines of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, the wise men, stables, straw and even live sheep! Why have I not seen this in Britain? It would be wonderful to show my children what the very special Jesus means to Christians and to discuss with them what he means to us and to learn the different beliefs we all hold.
Merry Christmas to all Christians…”

2. “#Merry Christmas to all Christians. Let’s remember Jesus (pbuh) taught us: Love your neighbour. Love for others what you love for yourself.”
12:34am – 25 Dec 12

3. In an interview in the Masjid with a non-Muslim the following conversation took place with Shaykh Mogra:
(A) Do you stand for gay people’s rights?

“Of course.”

(B) Do you stand for gay marriage?

“If the 2 individuals who are of the same sex want to be married & they go for a civil partnership or marriage or whatever it is, if it is provided within the constitution & within the legal systems of our country, then they are entitled to.”


4. In response to a question on twitter Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra replied as follows:

Garmonowen: Should you not be discussing after life at green belt not football Ibrahim? 😉 Absolutely but football’s my other “religion”
8:00pm – 24 Aug 13


5. on Shaykh Mogra’s Twitter account it states:

“Off to Westminster Abbey for Service of Thanksgiving for Life & Work of Nelson Mandela #mandela #freedom #justice #equality #rights #respect.”
9:19am – 3 Mar 14

Westminster Abbey is essentially a Christian place of worship.


6: On the death of a Shia leader Shaykh Mogra posted on his twitter account the following statement:

“Syedna M.Burhanuddin passes away aged 102, India. Inna lillahi wa’inna ‘Ilayhi raji’un #RIP Condolences to Dawoodi Bohra Muslim community.”
2:06pm – 19 Jan 14


7. On his web page he indirectly praises wasteful pursuits & exposing of the awrah & all other vices associated with the Olympics when he states:

“What a proud day it is as we host the London 2012 Olympics.”


8. A leading UK newspaper states Shaykh Mogra signed up to guidelines reinforcing the need for religious leaders to accept inter-faith marriages. The article also carries a quote from Shaykh Mogra himself.


9. On his twitter account he claims that a song at a football stadium gave him goose pimples & made the hair on his neck stand.

See link:

Aside from the aforementioned his twitter account:

(A) Carries photographs of non-mahram women,

(B) Promotes interfaith dialogue as if all religions are equal

(C) Contains a musical video

(D) Has a photograph of him posing at an interfaith gathering next to a non-mahram

(E) Has a photograph of women performing Salah in the grounds of Masjid Al Aqsa

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Asked on May 29, 2014 8:56 pm
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From the above, no Muslim should even listen to such a person who is hard to classify as a Muslim. Some of his statements are open and clear kufr in nature. Posing as a Deobandi does not legalize kufr.

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Answered on May 29, 2014 8:56 pm