Letter to sanha

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in respect of Q2175, your reply referred to a strongly worded letter from you to sanha.
its been more than 2 weeks and there has been no changes subsequent to your letter.

1) what now?

2) are you still maintaing the products are Halaal?

3) will the products remain halaal indefinitely if the corrections are not made?

4) has sanha replied to your letter? if so can we see the reply?

5) after the ‘halaal’ meat leaves the slaughterer, it is then ‘soaked’ with hundreds of other birds in hot water with all the impurities, this leads to some of this impurities tainting the actual meat, does the ‘halaal slaughtered’ meat remain halaal after the scalder or does it become makrooh or haraam for Muslim consumption?

6) on the issue of dead birds after stunning, and the absence of equipment to accurately remove dead birds, this means the possibility of dead birds being mixed up is a very real probability, its actually a certainty, whats not known is the exact % of dead birds mixed up.
does this not negate the halaal status ?

7) what effect does question 6 above have on the halaal status, considering that the death from stunning is a medical fact?

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Asked on November 22, 2008 12:00 am
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1) Put more pressure

2) The chickens are still Halaal

3) Our duty is to keep increasing the pressure.

4)They have only addressed the financial part.

5) Makrooh

6) Not until scientifically proven then and only then a ruling can be given.

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Answered on November 22, 2008 12:00 am