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In Leicester UK we have an institution called IDA. There they have mass I’tikaaf with hundreds sitting in both Sunnah & Nafl I’tikaaf. My queries are as follows:

1. People sit to benefit from Hazrat. Is this the purpose of I’tikaaf?

2. Mureeds will state the numbers that sat I’tikaaf. Is this riya?

3. Is it permissible for hundreds of people to be using the Masjid Wudhu facilities?

4. Are the people that have to provide food for these hundreds of people engaged in an act of thawab?

5. People are more or less required to follow a timetable so that their time is not wasted. Is a prescribed timetable for everyone a valid prescription for I’tikaaf?

Not everyone is of the same capability in terms of being able to adhere to a rigid timetable. Some people are physically weaker and may require more rest.

6. People travel from all over the country and abroad so that they can have the company of Hazrat. Is this permissible? Can Hazrat’s tawwaju be so powerful so as to encompass hundreds of people?

7. How come the layman says that the “I’tikaaf experience” at IDA was a spiritual one?

8. I am not saying all the following happen at IDA, but the following do happen in other mass I’tikaafs: bayans, Tajweed halqah, question and answer sessions etc. It is argued that these are necessary in this day and age, otherwise people will waste their time. Is this a valid reason to have these bayans and study circles?

9. In another Masjid in Leicester, where mass I’tikaaf takes place, there is reported wastage of food and parties. How is this permitted?

10. In the Jameah Masjid Leicester, a person recites the 40 Durood before Maghrib and everybody is “compelled” to participate because if you don’t, people will look at you with big eyes, resulting in the mazoor having a heart attack? Is this type of Majlis permitted?

11. Is it sinful for a layman to question these institutions’ activities, because it seems that if you do, mureeds & Hazrat’s cronies may administer a good beating resulting in hospitalisation?

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Asked on September 2, 2015 3:57 am
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See email for 3 replies where most of your queries are answered.

1) The purpose of Itikhaaf is to seek Lailatul Qadr. Not to sit with ‘Hadhrat’, Taleem etc. otherwise all Sahabah (R.A.) should have sat with Hadhrat Nabi (S.A.W.)
2) Yes, open show which destroys sincerity.
3) Yes.
4) No.
5) This schedule has no Shaari bases and puts many into un-necessary difficulties.
6) This is wasteful, money loss exercise. Sahabah (R.A.) did not travel to sit with Nabi (S.A.W.) for Itikhaaf. This practice has gone out of control. It is going to worsen. Leads to competition, show, wastage of time, energy and money.
Encourages money making and soon ladies will be invited to add salt to the bleeding wound.
7) The layman cannot perceive the word from the trees or separate the grain from the chaff. Those who attend deviated celebration and ceremonies also say the same thing. Does that serve as a Shaari proof.
8) In the “best of times” when all what you stated was more needed logically but Not done. Why do it now? Do what is proven. See on out site “gathering on auspicious nights” by Mufti Abdur Rashad Lukhanvi (A.R.). It explores your doubts in detail.
9) These people will be questionable and on the Day of Judgement.
10) If there is compulsion then it is a Bidaat. This act itself is not proven. See Fatawa Mahmoodiya.
11) Any Muslim has the right to question any authority of Shariat as to the proofs to substrate the activities done.
The proofs lay on the lap of the perpetrator of the act. Sad Bidat is been enforced via violence.

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Answered on September 6, 2015 10:49 pm