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Assalaamualaikum Mufti Saheb

1.Some people claim that the Arabs never ever wore a slit-Kurtah!!!Did the Arabs of the last 5 centuries wear the slit-Kurtah?

2.Is it true that a person saw Nabi(Sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam) IN A DREAM and Nabi(Sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam) said that the slit-Kurtah is Sunnah!!!

3.Is the Long Kurta Sunnah without the slits?

4.Must the Kurta have a slit?
5.A shiekhul Hadith once mentioned that it is fine if the Kurtah is approximately 4 fingers above the ankles!!!What is the Sunnah length of the Kurtah?

6. Did any Sahaabah wear the slit Kurtah?

7.Did any Sahaabi wear the long kurtah without a slit?

8.With regards to horse-riding peple say that Nabi(Sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam) wore a lungi and not trousers!!So how did he then leap on to a horse?

9.Did any of our Akaabireen wear the Kurtah without a slit?

10.Can Mufti Saheb please present some of the views of Our Akaabireen with regards to the slit-Kurtah?Are the Arab Ulema also part of our Akaabireen and did they also wear the slit-Kurtah?


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Asked on December 18, 2009 12:00 am
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1) The Arabs did not wear slit Kurtas.
2) I do not know.

3) Close to Sunnat

4) No

5) His view is correct.
Permissible above the ankle.
Better higher than that.
Best between ankle and knee.

6) Cannot find.

7) Cannot find

8) Who told you he leapt.

9) Yes

10) Under preparation.

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Answered on December 18, 2009 12:00 am