Keeping a beard

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Assalam o alaikum warahmatullah wa barakaahu!

Respected Mufti Sahab may Allah bless you with his abundance Rahmat and give Aafiyah.

This is an important question regarding Beard. I have some queries regarding this, I do not know is this satan’s wisper or my nafs plaving havoc with me. Please guide me accordingly.


1. I want to grow beard but my thought is telling me that if I keep beard I will not get a nice job as right now I am un-employed. I am an Accountant and was working in a firm but due to no increasing my salary and then with the manager and boss I had to leave the job, though I was given time for my prayers. The boss was a muslim. Once I am unemployed It gets very difficult to get the next one. It takes 6 months to 1 year to get a new job and that also has a concern as whether I will be given time for prayers and be allowed to keep full beard or not. So all these worring me.

2. As I said that I am a B.Com graduate and work as an Accountant, so my nafs tells me that you are a learned person and if you will keep a beard then no company will give you job and you will have to live in poverty, You will have to do job which is of low grade to earn like as a sales man, or telle caller or you will have to sell some items on the streets. What will people say that a learned person is doing such and such work, then what was the need to do graduation. What will the neighbours say, what will the friends think of you. And I start thinking that yes this is correct. I will feel awkward. All these are coming into my mind. Is this really nafs or my own fear and thought?

3. More over no girls will look at you as you are young and handsome but if you keep beard then not beautiful girl or learned girl will marry you and you have to marry someone not very beautiful and learned. The heart says see how your friends and brothers or relatives are getting good income and marrying beautiful girls. Is this satanic wisper or truth?

4. Alhamdulillah I say prayers five times a day but if I join a non-muslim they might not give me time to say my prayers and might not even let me keep beard. My dad also tells me not to keep beard as big companies might not recruit me and I will have to do small jobs to earn my living.

5. The heart says, what is your age now that you will keep beard, keep it when you get old or keep it when you get a good job where you will be allowed to keep. It say see the people around you do not keep, the people who are older and elder than you in the office, in the house do not keep though they are muslims, so why are you so worried to keep it. It is not of so importance like farz. You are saying namaz that’s enough in this age of fitnah, even many muslim do not say their namaz also. So why worry. Is this Satan playing havoc or my mind or nafs wispers. I do not know.

6. Last but not the least I get wispers that I will not be able to do any sin like watching T.V, listening to songs, or going to functions as people will say that look he shows that he is pious and has a beard and does sins, watches movies, listens to songs etc. It would have been better if he had not kept the beard and done these things as he is disobeying and causing discreating to the beard and symbol of Islam.
Though I know that listening to songs and watching T.V is still a sin if watched without beard. But I cant help myself as these thought are coming into my mind now and then and when ever I thing of keeping a full Sharie Beard.

Please guide me and tell me what should I do. Inspite of all these thought I still have full intention of keeping a beard, no matter who ever says or thinks what. I have not shaved since the 1st of Muharram and after reading your site and publication about hair and beard I am making my intention not to shave it from this mubarak month of Muharram anymore. May Allah keep me firm on my emaan and intention.

Do pray for this sinful slave.
Awaiting your response at the earliest.

Jazzak Allah!

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Asked on November 26, 2013 8:19 pm
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1) Allaah is our Rabb. Our Provider and Sustainer. Adhere to that which is Wajib and the Sunnat of the Ambiyaa. Allaah will provide a way out for you.

2) Better to have a Halaal earning low paying job where you do not have to break the laws of Shariat than a high paying job wherein laws of Shariat are broken. (More Barakat/Barakaah)

3) Do not let Satan/Shaitaan mislead you. Your thought is not correct. Handsome is the one with a beard. The ones who can keep a beard and does not do so has been classified hermorphodied. Whom you are going to marry is written. It does not depend upon the beard.

4) Then do not take that job. we see many accountants regular in Salaat and adorning beards holding high paying jobs.

5) Yes, it is. That which is Wajib hold onto it. The errors of others is no justification.

6) The beard will help you to stay out of sin.
May Allaah grant you all the strength

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Answered on November 26, 2013 8:19 pm