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Assalamualaikum respected Mufti

My questions pertain to the performance of jumuah salaah in a jammat khana at a university.

a) Is it permissable to perform two jammahs for jumuah salaah in the jamaat khana as On two successsive fridays there were exams scheduled during jumuah time. we found out that the minimum number of people is the imaam plus 3 others. in the first week we performed earlier and there was also a jammat during the normal jumuah time. Is this acceptable?

b) in the second week, we were only two brothers in addition to the imaam, so the two of us who had to write performed Zuhr Salaah in jamaat and left to writ our exam. Is this acceptable?

Due the small number of muslims in each year doing our course it is sometimes very difficult to get allowances for such matters, however, it does not happen often, maybe every 2 years. but our intentions are not to miss jumuah salaah. Please advise.

Jakallahu khair..

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Asked on June 10, 2009 12:00 am
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a) Yes
,b) Yes
,c) Have more than one Jumuah Salaats.

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