Jihaad and suicide bombing

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Asalaamu Alaikum

1) What does Islam say about Jihad with regards to our situation ( Gaza, Palestine etc) Fard-e-Ayn or Fard-e-Khifaya?

2) Is what America and Isreal doing Sufficient to say that all Muslims should wage war against them and go and fight them?

3) When can Muslims declare war on a nation or people, If they kill or rape muslims or take their land or only if Islam is in danger?

4) They are killing,Raping etc our sisters, mothers, Fathers,Brothers (Innocent People) does that give us the right to kill there innocent people, like the 9/11 attack? to bring down there economy etc

5) Can we leave our Family and go Jihad Fee Sabillilah with regards to the above circumstances? And Can your Mother,Father, Wife, children tell you that you cannot go as you have a family and an obligation towards them to look after them

6)Do you consider Suicide bombing Haraam or wrong for the circumstances that the muslims are doing it now with regards to them having no weapons besides there own bodies to protect the mass?

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Asked on January 31, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Jihaad upon the Muslim of the effected area is applicable.

2) As one (1)

3) To defend one's Imaan, life, property, Intellect, chastity is necessary. Whilst doing so and dying is matyrdom.

4) No

5) No

6) Depends on the intention and circumstances.

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