Dream of Transporting Jewellery (Gold/Silver Rings)


I had a dream I am in a police van my mums next to me I have about 8-11 rings on me these rings are new and like real silver/ gold silver u no like wedding or engagement rings the police is taking me to my destination safely the police tell me to open the rings up from each of the bags they are in and place them in all in a jewellery box together it’s a nice sophisticated jewellery box velvet inside and blue outside like Swarovski boxes anyway I don’t want to but police says in order to be safe that’s how I should carry them so I place all of them in the box and I’m holding the box but one is in a plastic bag with me like under my arm or in my hand or something and I’m holding that one. The only reason I’m with police is so they can carry me safely to my destination it’s like they have volunteered to help me reach safely.

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