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My respected Mufti.I am married to a very well known,wealthy families daughter.My wife and I are happily married for the past 10 years,Alhamdullilah.Over the past 4 or 5 years my inlaws have been saying that they are very sick and they think it is the result of people doing jadoo(witchcraft) to them.They seeked help from a ,who is from and he is currently the Imaam of Masjid.There is also another so called from who I am unable to track down,but I do know the person whose house he usually stays at.These so called Moulanas have claimed that firstly my father in laws brothers and sisters are doing jadoo to their family and now they are claiming that my mother and grandmother are doing jadoo to them as well.My grandmother is 78 years old and she is my mother in laws sister.We are all deeply hurt and my Nannie has been getting chest pains since she heard the news.This accusation was recently brought to my attention by my brother in law,who openly accused my Mother and Nannie of doing jadoo to them.My father in law has severed ties with his family and now they havesevered ties with our family.My wife is devastated as she knows the type of people we are and knows that these con artists are filling my inlaws ears with lies, just so that they can get paid. These “so called” Moulanas have been taking gold coins as payment as they say that their Jinnats take this means of payment.Also they standoutside when its about to rain and wave their hands in the air andclaim that it is raining because of them(Astagfirullah).My inlaws believe them with anything that they say.My in laws have also seeked help from Pandits and Sangomas who havecome to their house to do so called cleansing,to get rid of bad spirits.I am only giving you a brief description of what wrong they are doing.I am afraid that they are loosing their Imaan and have put their yakeen in other religous leaders,instead of Allah.We have tried on numerous occasions to have meetings with my inlaws and to ask them where is the proof and to bring forth these people whoare accusing us,but yet they are so badly brain washed that they cant differentiate right from wrong. Please could you help us expose these con artists and mend our broken relationships,I fear that they are heading down the wrong path and Inshallah you can help guide them back onto the right path.Ameen
Please contact me so that I can explain everything in detail to you
May Allah Taala reward you for your time and effort

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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Islaam will make good progress in Russia

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