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assalam alaikum,

I have doubts regarding my istinja on western toilet seats.

1. I first wipe/dig with toilet paper several times, trying to remove as much filth as possible. However, often it appears to be impossible to rid of it all, and sometimes I start bleeding from the wiping even when there is still najasa. Is it only required to wipe lightly from outside or dig inside?

2. Then I wash from the front, pouring water down my hand and wiping with my hand. It is not really possible to pour water directly on anus on this seat. Basically I wash with a dripping wet hand (pouring water onto my hand as I wipe). Does this count as washing?

3. Sometimes the whole process takes me more than 20 minutes, but if I check afterwards with a toilet paper again same as #1 I might still find that is unclean. Everybody else does istinja very quickly – I dont know how that’s possible, but they probably don’t check either. Should I just avoid checking or am I doing something else wrong? These days I’ve stopped checking because I’m taking a lot of means and I assume its clean after without checking.

4. At the end of washing if I feel tiny amount of toilet paper (basically like a rough dot) on the anus, is it compulsory to remove it and wash again? Or can we assume it got washed already, or was not dirty? The concern is it might be dirty toilet paper from step 1.

Jazak Allah!

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Asked on October 10, 2013 1:01 pm
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1) Wipe properly not dig inside.

2) Yes

3) Use toilet paper, then wash, then use toilet paper then check.

4) No

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