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I have been seeing a girl for the past two years, and our relationship has been going downhill for over a year now. A lot of arguments, fights, and you name it but for some reason its hard to actually seperate cause we love each other even after these fights have made me break up with her countless times.
1) My question to you is, i had someone do istikhara for me..
FIRST NIGHT, our family was on the road and there were Detour signs we had to keep taking and never reached our destination.
SECOND NIGHT, in my house my aunt was cooking something up and put it in a bowl. There was shrimp with eyeballs in them with thick black eyelashes and some didnt have any eyelashes cause they were cooked, and the dish was very muddy and dirty looking. My mom in the dream looks at this dish and starts crying.
2)I did istikhara for one night and it was not really clear in a way. I saw myself and my girl sitting next to each other in my house on the kitchen table. We are not together (meaning in a relationship) at this point, and some family members were in the kitchen as well. I see a black small round pill but it did not look like a bill but just like a round ball but very small ( smaller then your pinky nail) to the right of me, and my girl was sitting to the left of me. At that point i realized that we couldnt ever get back into a relationship because it was too late ( i dont know why), and i was about to cry and i turned my head to the right and i held it in but a tear came out.I am having the other person do it one more time, and i will do it twice more since i didnt get a clear answer.
3)Also a few months back i had my girl do istikhara as well and it came out good for her as there was a lot of greenery, till a voice told her to come here and look cause this is what she is looking for, and she stares in a bowl and it has a very shiny emerald green colored liquid.But I Would Like To Let You Know That The Main Reason Im Doing Istikhara Now Is Becuase I Do Not Want To Be With Her And From My End We Are Split Up, And She Does Not Want To Split Up And Is Always Glued To Me And Cant Let Me Go.
4)I Am Very Confused If What Im Feeling Inside At Our Relationship Situation Is Effecting MY Istikhara Dream And Possibly Thats Why Its Negative Or Bad?
5)Also somebody told me that a good dream or a bad dream does not tell you if its the other parties fault. If you have a good/bad dream you can be at fault or maybe the other person who your asking about.
I have numbered them so you can answer them in the same format if its easier for you. An any extra inpur would be appreciated.
Thank You for your help.

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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Your relationship is Haraam. Terminate it completely. Your dreams indicate break up this Haraam relationship and do not go further.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am