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as-salaam, my question regards istikaarah namaaz which today has become a fad more than anything else. we keep on hearing in the community that divorces have taken place on such a huge scale and always we will hear that istikaarah has been read the answer was yes and yet divorce has takes place. while i have no doubt that istikarah should be performed, it has a become a custom in our muslin community to say came back in two weeks and the answer will be given, i don’t understand that…or are just using istiikarrah as an excuse to fit in as it seems by saying the answer will be ready in 2 weeks, we already know.

also our pious elders and elders of old never made a must to read as we have now days and there marriage have succeeded with a few failings.

also with istikaarah there is a huge misconception that one will have a dream, etc….

from my understanding as explained to my ustaad and various bayaan i have attended many ulema have said, istikaarah clears the heart and what ever decision is made is for best, no mention of having dreams and seeing clouds and green trees etc.

also because we have have gone so way ward off the path, how can we even think that the answer is correct when we cannot even read our normal namaaz with a clear heart or 100% concentration.

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Asked on January 19, 2009 12:00 am
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What you have stated has resulted from not understanding the Shariaat. The correct procedure us as follows - "Mashwara (mutual consultation)" first, then Istikhaara if still in doubt. In matters of marriage consult, family, elders, friends- then male decision. Then if still in doubt male Istikhaara. It is not necessary to see angels, pious, greenary or colours etc.
It is the inclination of the heart on awakening which the decision making criteria. Know, Mashwara is superior to Istikhaara.
See book "Nafl Salaat" section on Salaat.

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Answered on January 19, 2009 12:00 am